Memorial Resolution for Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman

The sense of deprivation of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations at the untimely passing of Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman was voiced by its President and others of its representatives from time to time on many occasions. The full measure of our sadness, however, was realized as we gathered for our Diamond Jubilee Convention in Boston, the place of his flowering, for he, who was the foremost in desiring our presence, was not here to great us. Yet his spirit and his works pervade our Assembly. The memory of his lofty hopes for man under God gave us added courage to face our tasks, and his preachments of Torah helped to direct our paths in the spiritual tasks that are ours.

We record our gratitude to God for those utterances of his which have become part of our tradition, for those thoughts of his which have become part of the plans to advance our cause of Liberal Judaism, and for the inspiration which he brought us that still fires our souls. Joshua Loth Liebman's name remains historically associated with our high and holy purposes, and his achievements as rabbi, orator, preacher and counselor is a precious record in the pages of our proceedings.

This Fortieth Assembly of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations inscribes his name again in its annals, and may his memory continue among us for blessing.