Migrant Farmers

In recent years the American conscience has been aroused by the many privations and discriminations visited upon America's migratory farm workers. These men and women, who perform such useful and necessary work for all of us, experience distress and disadvantage which make them the "excluded" or "forgotten" Americans.

Because of our commitment to human dignity and social justice, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations at this 46th Biennial Assembly, calls upon the federal government and all state governments and interstate agencies to take vigorous action to seek a humane solution for this important social problem.

We urge our national Commission on Social Action, and all congregations, to conduct educational programs to make our membership aware of and sensitive to the unjust abuses experienced by these workers and the human suffering involved in this social issue. We call upon the Commission on Social Action to join with like-minded groups of all faiths to ameliorate this problem of social distress and to seek through legislation and education to raise the status of these farm workers from the present level of degradation to a position of dignity and equality in accordance with our religious and democratic traditions.