Mobility and Financial Responsibility

WHEREAS cooperation between congregations is important in the acquisition and retention of members, all membership application forms should request of every applicant information concerning former affiliation, and

WHEREAS it is important that this information be shared by congregations in order to determine whether the applicant has been delinquent in his/her obligation(s) during prior affiliation, and

WHEREAS it is the sense of this resolution that an applicant has fulfilled his/her financial obligation(s) when he/she has met all normal synagogue charges as well as building fund obligations that were a condition of membership up to and including year of termination.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that member congregations of the UAHC request authorization of all applicants to contact their former congregation, to determine their status. Reciprocally, congregations should make it a practice to promptly answer such inquiries.

In the event differences or difficulties arise which cannot be resolved by the affected congregations, the question should be referred to the UAHC Regional office.