Need for New Congregations

"This Biennial Council reaffirms the vigorous, missionary zeal of Isaac Mayor Wise, and urges the observance of the one hundredth anniversary of his arrival in America by our becoming imbued with his zeal to win adherents to our particular cause, and

"Whereas, we recognize the fact that a large part of the Jewish population of our Large Metropolitan Centers are not members of our congregations and that our established congregations in these centers have reached saturation points that make it difficult to accommodate additional members, therefore

"BE IT RESOLVED, that this Council take definite steps to encourage the establishment of new congregations in these large cities, enlisting the aid and cooperation of the existing congregations, and

"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that returning chaplains, primarily, be assisted in organizing these new congregations, or be employed in the regional work by the Union for this purpose,

"AND BE IT RESOLVED, that all delegates to this Council be charged with responsibility to report this resolution to their local communities and enlist the support and the cooperation of all members of all congregations toward this goal, and

"BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Executive Board of the Union be requested to provide substantial financial commitments, sufficient to permit and make possible the successful and adequate accomplishment of this program during this year."