The New Union Prayer Book - Gates of Prayer

53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas


WHEREAS the Central Conference of American Rabbis has recently completed and published a New Union Prayerbook, Gates of Prayer; and

WHEREAS Gates of Prayer in its unique blending of Jewish tradition and and the American spirit is a significant contribution to American Jewish life; and

WHEREAS in producing Gates of Prayer the CCAR is continuing the tradition of Reform Judaism of constantly reexamining its ritual and its practices, yet never forsaking those fundamental truths and virtues which have sustained the Jewish people through the centuries; Now, Therefore, be it

RESOLVED that this UAHC 53rd General Assembly expresses its profound gratitude to the CCAR for its historic publication of Gates of Prayer, We commend the CCAR for providing "a significant contribution to American Jewish life"; be it further

RESOLVED that congregations of our Union be encouraged to accept this Reform Siddur and make use of its rich materials in connection with our worship; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Joint Commissions on Worship and Education be requested to provide programs, seminars and materials to assist our congregations and their members in understanding, utilizing and enjoying the rich heritage and abundant resources which Gates of Prayer offers.