Nursery Schools

Whereas an increasing number of our congregations has created nursery schools, thereby inaugurating the regular Jewish education of many of our children at an age when character influences are deeply felt, and often thereby bringing young Jewish parents into earlier contact with the synagogue than would otherwise have been the case, and

Whereas the experience of many of our congregations with these programs has indicated their benefit to the children, their families, and the congregation itself, particularly to its religious school,

Be it therefore resolved that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations expresses its commendation and encouragement of the effort to establish nursery schools in Reform congregations; that it urges the implementation of a full program in the experience of Jewish living in such schools as may not now have it or are being newly established; and that it calls upon all our rabbis and congregations to consider the value of this program in their individual congregations as a unique means of bringing parents to a realization of the Jewish responsibilities inherent in the privilege of parenthood and of educating parents for its fulfillment.