Rabbinical Pension Plan

"The 39th Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations views with satisfaction the enrollment of 170 rabbis in the Rabbinical Pension Plan to whom 197 annuity policies have been issued in the last year and a half, and tenders its commendation to the Pension Board for its devoted efforts in behalf of this exemplary cause.

"It is the opinion of the delegates here assembled that the Pension Board has adopted a plan admirable fitted to the conditions that obtain in the rabbinate and that the plan meets a need long felt by congregations as well as rabbis.

"It is therefore resolved that all congregations of the Union be urged to enroll all eligible rabbis serving them in this plan and that with each increase in salary, additional coverage be secured, so that ultimate annuity shall bear a reasonable relationship to salary."

"Whereas, our Chaplains are now returning from their selfless and consecrated service to our country, which brought distinction to them and glory to American Israel,

"And whereas, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations is bound by a sacred pledge to the chaplains to provide protection of formerly occupied posts and to seek priority in pulpit placement and advancement,

"Be it Therefore Resolved, that these assurances be safeguarded until the last returning chaplain has been placed."

"Resolved: That the 39th Council of the Union of the American Hebrew Congregations in convention assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 5th, 1946 records its thanks to those Christian Chaplains who rendered cooperation to our Jewish Chaplains and to the Jewish men and women in the Armed Forces, and especially to those who aided our men when Jewish Chaplains were unavailable."