Recognition of Israel's 60th Anniversary


We celebrate the miracle of Israel's birth and existence, applauding her accomplishments and understanding the dangers of powerlessness., The historical reality calls upon us as religious Jews and Reform Zionists to engage in acts of sanctity and to embed this holy day, Israel's 60th anniversary, in our sacred calendar.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence calls for both a State for the Jews and a Jewish State, and there remains much work to be done to create a fully democratic, pluralistic and just society. As Progressive Jews, we have a great deal to offer regarding the evolving priorities of the State of Israel.

The occasion of Israel's 60th anniversary, ARZA's 30th anniversary, and NFTY in Israel's 50th anniversary provides our Movement with an opportunity for significant conversation and discussion about the tenor, tone and content of our relationship with the State of Israel. The recent growth and vitality of our partners in the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism provide us with a unique opportunity for partnership.

THEREFORE , the Union for Reform Judaism resolves to:

  1. Urge our congregations in North America and beyond to join in Movement-wide programming around Israel at 60, ARZA at 30 and NFTY in Israel at 50 to facilitate significant conversations about the relationships between Reform Jews and Israel and the meaning and reality of our mutual obligation and destiny; and

  2. Call upon our congregations to dedicate the weekend of May 9-11, 2008 to a program of Israel engagement that helps us all rejoice, reflect and renew our commitment to Israel.