Registration and the Draft

Believing that Judaism recognizes the right of both conscientious objection and selective conscientious objection to war;

Believing that registration at this time is both unnecessary and unnecessarily provocative, reflective of a national trend toward increased militarism that threatens world peace; and

Believing that the costs of such action draw funds from needed social, educational, and economic programs that will make for social betterment;

We support the existing all-volunteer military force.

We oppose the inauguration or implementation by our government of any national draft at this time. Similarly, we oppose the idea of registering our youth at this time for some future draft. We believe that should there arise some national emergency necessitating the mobilization of our population, sufficient techniques exist by which to effect that mobilization.

Faced with that situation, we believe that:

Males and females should be conscripted equally. We support those who believe any registration system that excludes females is discriminatory and possibly unconstitutional.

We urge the expansion of military job careers for educationally qualified men and women currently in service through increased learning and training for which there would be additional financial incentives;

We view with favor proposals for a program of voluntary service to our nation for all young men and women. That service should be in the civilian sector and for the improvement of the nation's social and physical resources; and

We urge our member congregations not only to provide counseling services through their rabbinical staff to interested and affected individuals, but also to advertise widely this service in and to the community so that Jewish youth particularly might know where they might come for counseling that is based on the Jewish religious tradition.