Report of Cessation of Services Policy Committee

  1. The impact of the suspension on youth participation in various events occurring under the auspices of the North American Federation of Temple Youth and its regional affiliates is governed by provisions in the Novick Report (Attachment I).
  2. Participation in programs run by UAHC Camp Institutes is covered by a policy adopted by the UAHC Board of Trustees in June 2001 (Attachment II).
  3. HUC-JIR students serving in a congregation that goes on suspension during any particular academic year are permitted to complete their service during that academic year; however, the congregation would not be eligible for the services of an HUC-JIR student the following year, until such time as the suspension is lifted.
  4. Where the UAHC has arranged with third-party providers (e.g., Chubb, Quill, etc.) to be the source of a program or service, the provider is to be informed that the suspended congregation is no longer eligible for this program or service subject to contractual and other termination policies as set forth by law.
  5. If a suspended congregation has a website "hosted" by the UAHC, the UAHC will terminate its "hosting" not less than thirty days after the date of suspension.
  6. All other programs and services are suspended immediately with the exception of Reform Judaism magazine, which will continue for up to six months depending on how quickly adjustments can be made to the R.J. subscription list.
  7. If the suspension goes into effect after individuals have registered to participate in a regional biennial, they may proceed with their plans to do so.
  8. A list of all services, including those offered by the UAHC Youth Division, which will no longer be available to a suspended congregation is to be sent to the president of the congregation and possibly the board of the congregation and members of the UAHC Board affiliated with the congregation about to be suspended. That correspondence must include all of the policy clarifications set forth herein as well as the policies affecting camp registration previously approved by the UAHC Board.
  9. Recognizing that there may be certain circumstances in which one or more members of the UAHC staff could assist a congregation in having its suspension lifted, the President of the UAHC shall have the authority to waive any of these rules on a case-by-case basis after consulting with the chairman of the Board and the chairman of the MUM Committee.