Representation of NFTY in the Councils of the UAHC

WHEREAS all affiliates of the UAHC on the national, regional and local level cannot disagree publicly with the decisions and policies set down and established by the parent body, and

WHEREAS under the present system of representation, NFTY and its regions have not been given sufficient opportunity to represent their members with adequate voting power at UAHC biennial conventions, and

WHEREAS it is essential that the parent body hear the viewpoints of Jewish youth, as well as give them the power they deserve in terms of the process of decision-making,

THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED that it is the sense of this biennial assembly that the representation of the youth in the activities of the UAHC be significantly increased, and that it recommend to its participating congregations, where it is legally possible, that they include among their delegates the following:

  1. the TYG president of every congregations which sends delegates,
  2. the president of every NFTY region,
  3. the national officers of NFTY, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the UAHC accord NFTY greater representation on all its commissions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that regional councils and federations seek more youth representation on the basis of this precedent, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that TYGs ask their congregations for more representation on temple boards and committees on the basis of these precedents.