Resolution of 23rd Council With Regard to Student Welfare Work in Champaign, ILL.

WHEREAS, The Committee on Symagog and School Extension has incorporated in its program Student Welfare Work whereby the Jewish young men and women attending colleges and universities are to be inspired with loyalty to Judaism and pride in the faith of their fathers,

WHEREAS, The various religious denominations of our land and constructing chapels and churches around and near University and College campuses, and

WHEREAS, It is of the most vital need that the Jewish students also be given opportunity for religious culture,

BE IT RESOLVED, That we express our highest approbation of every Jewish community that gives opportunity for such religious and moral culture and commend to the public at large the admirable work which the Jewish community of Champaign and Urbana, Illinois, is now doing in gathering funds for the building of a Temple that shall be a monument of Judaism and a pride of the Jewish students of the University of Illinois, where 6000 students of various religious affiliations are in daily attendance.

Vol. VIII, p. 7210