Resolution on Immigration Passed by Executive Board, January 1924

It was moved and duly carried that the following resolution, introduced by Mr. Max J. Kohler, at the Conference of members of the several Boards of the Union and referred to the Executive Board be adopted:

"Resolved, by the Executive Board of the Union that we heartily approve of the recommendation of the National Industrial Conference Board' and other bodies that an impartial Commission be appointed by the President of the United States, consisting of suitable representatives of all elements of our citizenship, interested in immigration, to study the immigration situation carefully after holding preliminary public hearings, and recommending suitable measures for its regulation thereafter, and that in the interm, the present quota law of 1921 be continued for a year or two, with such needed administrative changes, such as have been recommended by Secretary Davis; chief of these bring the issuance of 'Consular Certificates' abroad instead of deportations here for mere excess of annual and monthly quotas; a provision that a husband, wife and minor unmarried children be treated as a unit, as to nationality under the Quota Laws, instead of disrupting families; and that the wives and minor unmarried children of resident American declarants for citizenship and of American citizens be made exempt from quota limits; and be it further

"Resolved, that the Board of Delegates on Civil Rights forward copies of these Resolutions to the President of the United States, the Vice-President pro tem, the Speaker of the House, and the members of the Committee on Immigration of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Vol. X., p. 9413