Resolution Proposed at 35th Council Regarding Cermonies in the Synagogue

Whereas, Reform Jewish Worship has allowed many symbols, customs, etc, of traditional Jewish Worship to fall into disuse; and

Whereas, It is the sense of this Convention that many of these forms should be re-introduced:

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved: That this Convention recommend to its constituent congregations and to all Reform Jewish Congregations, that into its Sabbath Services be put and made a part thereof, traditional symbols, ceremonies, and customs, such as the use of only Jewish Music, the use of a Cantor with a Choir where practicable; the use of only Jewish singers, where practicable and possible; a genuine attempt to use children's Choirs with a Cantor, where adult Choirs cannot be had; the singing or recitation of the Kiddush; the actural participation in every service by laymen; the singing of traditional Jewish hymns by the congregation and such traditional observances as are wise, practicable and expedient in each Congregation.

Recommended, that this resolution be referred with sympathetic appreciation to a committee to be appointed by the presiding officer of the Executive Board of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations with the request that s similar committee be appointed by the Central Conference of American habbis and that this joint committee consider the matter and report at the proper time.

The above recommendation of the Committee on Resolutions was adopted.

It was resolved that the spirit of the above resolution be approved and that the resolution be referred to the Commission on Synagogue Activities for consideration and favorable action.

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