Resolution on Reform Zionism

Submitted by the URJ Resolutions Committee

WHEREAS at the Biennial Convention of the URJ it was clear that Israel engagement and involvement of the Reform Movement in Israel is of great importance to the leadership and congregations throughout North America;

WHEREAS ARZA and ARZA Canada were created as affiliates of the Union for Reform Judaism for the purpose of serving as the URJ's organizational representatives in the World Zionist Organization and to engage Reform Jews in North America to understand the importance of Israel as an essential element in one's Jewish identity;

WHEREAS the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency's agenda and budgetary allocations are shaped by the outcomes of the periodic World Zionist Congress elections and only those wishing to support the Reform Movement's candidates and who are members of ARZA or ARZA Canada can vote in these vital elections, the next one to be held in early 2015;

WHEREAS our astounding success in the last two elections has given ARZA and the Reform Movement the largest contingent from North America in the World Zionist Congress, resulting in important increases in financial and programmatic support for  Reform Jewish institutions in Israel. 

Therefore, the Union for Reform Judaism Resolves To:

  1. Support ARZA and ARZA Canada in its comprehensive campaign to encourage every Reform Jew in North America to join ARZA and ARZA Canada in order to maximize Reform Jewish registration and voting in the upcoming WZO Congress elections.
  2. Work closely with ARZA and ARZA Canada in ensuring that their material and information regarding the importance of the WZO Congress Elections and the election registration and voting materials be developed and disseminated widely.
  3. Encourage and support, as part of its general Israel engagement work and our Movement's campaign to maximize our success in this election, the enhancement and development of congregational and community chapters of ARZA and ARZA Canada and encourage URJ congregations and URJ Affiliates to plan and carry out missions to Israel in cooperation with ARZA World Travel.