Resolution on the Retirement of Rabbi George Zepin

Having sat at the feet of the immortal Wise, he sensed the glory of the founder's dream and translated it into service.

Having served as the spiritual leader of a community which still reveres him, he brought to his labors the experience of a practical ministry.

Having given of himself in another era of his career to the needs of the under-privileged among his people; the philosophy of life which was the frame-work of his service to the Union, had at its center, not only a deep love of Judaism, but an abiding humanity.

Such talents and gifts, he wove into the pattern of his leadership in difficult years of trial and error, of pioneering effort, and none more than he recognizes wherein the Union, like all human institutions, has fallen short of his own hopes and of its innate potentialities, but we recognize and will not forget his day by day modest, conscientious and sacrificial toil.

This Council learns with regret of his wish for retirement; looks with foreboding upon the chance that another as devoted as he, might not be found to take the helm for new directions; yet approves and is cheered by the action of the Executive Board in recognizing his many years of faithful service by making him "Honorary Secretary" for life, with proper emoluments and without duties.

This Council thus honors itself in delighting to honor one who, in the word's of the Union's President "has given to himself to his utmost without thought of self, but with an eye single to the success of the Union and the advancement of Reform Judaism."

Be it therefore resolved, that these expressions be inscribed upon the records of this Council as an enduring witness of Rabbi George Zepin's selfless, loyal and consecrated career of service.