Resolutions Pertaining to Chaplaincy Adopted by the 41st General Assembly of the UAHC - November 15, 1950


WHEREAS, the Armed Forces of the United States have placed a grave obligation on American Jewry to provide them an adequate corps of chaplains, and

WHEREAS, the Reform Movement will have to supply at least one-third, and

WHEREAS, the duty to provide chaplains to serve Jewish men and women in the Armed Forces will continue as long as it remains necessary for our nation to maintain a large military establishment, and

WHEREAS, we recognize that in the present emergency fulfillment of the military requirements takes priority over civilian considerations and is the equal responsibility of congregations and rabbis, therefore, in order to facilitate chaplaincy procurement, and following the pattern so successfully established in World War II, it is hereby resolved:

First: That the rabbi called to service as a chaplain shall be granted by his congregation a leave of absence for the duration of his term of duty and be regarded in all ways as the continuing rabbi of his congregation.

Second: That the congregation shall guarantee tenure to its rabbi serving as a chaplain for a period of one year after his return from military service and that the rabbi shall be obligated to remain for a year, unless otherwise agreed by mutual consent.

Third: That the congregation shall provide its rabbi called to service as chaplain the differential between his military pay and his congregational salary.

Furthermore, be it resolved that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations meeting in this 41st General Assembly adopt the above principles and recommend them as a basic arrangement for all congregations whose rabbis respond to the call to serve our country as chaplains in the Armed Forces.


BE IT RESOLVED, That the Union create a committee to cooperate with committee appointed by the Conference and the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, for the purpose of carrying out all responsibilities that may arise from the military situation.