Synagogue Architects Consultant Panel

WHEREAS, we have been gratified and excited by the intensive program of building activity which has been sweeping through or congregations, both new and old, resulting in many magnificent edifices in which we and our children may glorify God through the fullest and most beautiful expressions of Judaism; and

WHEREAS, a group of distinguished architects have self-sacrificingly and devotedly given of their talents and their time to counsel our congregations and to guide them in the construction of technically sound and esthetically beautiful synagogues, a service rendered at the cost of widespread travel and inconvenience, without thought of remuneration or reward; Therefore, Be It 

RESOLVED BY THE UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW CONGREGATIONS IN CONVETION ASSEMBLED, that the fervent gratitude of this Biennial Assembly be extended to the Synagogue Architects Consultant Panel for their brilliant and conscientious contribution to our movement in the past, with the hope that their wisdom and skill will continue to be available to our congregations as they build Houses of God which will exemplify a perfect synthesis of the finest in our spiritual heritage with the noblest technological concepts of architectural practice, and that a copy of this resolution of thanks be forwarded to Mr. Harry Prince founder and chairman of the panel, for transmittal to the panel.