Synagogue Resources Loan Fund

WHEREAS, for many years the UAHC has maintained a Synagogue Building Loan Fund (SBLF) which has been utilized to assist congregations in dealing with their capital asset requirements; and

WHEREAS, the SBLF currently has assets of approximately $25,000; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the more urgent need for such congregations to deal with the financial demands of the kinds of programs and quality of personnel essential to assure their very survival;

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of the UAHC undertake conversion of the SBLF into a Synagogue Resources Loan Fund whose principle is to be utilized to subsidize the rabbinic services of fledgling congregations; that the income of these funds be utilized to make direct grants-in-aid to rabbinic interns and to other rabbis to organize and serve the unaffiliated in a UAHC sponsored creative effort dedicated to this most important goal.