UAHC Board of Trustees
December l972
New York, New York

The Board of Trustees of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations reiterates its condemnation of international terrorism, which has reached new depths of depravity in the brutal murders committed by Arab fanatics and their emissaries in Munich and Lod Airport, in the hijacking of planes and in the outrage of violence by mail.

We view with revulsion any attempt to condone acts of terror on political or ideological grounds and wish to make clear to those who would continue such savagery that their actions lead to a world of anarchy, vengeance and immorality.

We commend the United States Mission to the United Nations for its forthright and forceful efforts in this direction and underscore its appeal to move vigorously and speedily toward effective international treaties and sanctions to prevent the further spread of terrorism throughout the world. We urge the civilized nations of the world to boycott any nation which provides sanctuary for terrorists, thus placing the accomplices of terrorism beyond the pale of respectability in the family of man.

We also call upon private industry, trade unions and professional groups to supplement governmental efforts to combat aerial hijacking and other forms of international terrorism by vigorous actions of their own where terrorist operations now menace public safety, including the United States and most of western Europe.