Adopted by the General Assembly
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
October 29-November 2, 1997 Dallas

The success of the 64th UAHC General Assembly was made possible by the unstinting and tireless efforts of so many who have labored and sacrificed on its behalf.

THEREFORE, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations resolves to offer its collective heartfelt gratitude to:

  1. The host congregations of the greater Dallas area for providing an unprecedented number of delegates with the finest examples of Southern hospitality;
  2. Dr. Paul Vanek, Biennial Chair, and Jane Glazer Rips, Biennial Vice-Chair, and the members of the Biennial Program Committee for developing the informative, challenging and stimulating Biennial program;
  3. David Lynn, Eileen Lynn and Jody Platt, Local Arrangements Chairs, and the Local Arrangements Committee for their courtesy, efficiency, and always friendly assistance;
  4. Rabbi Lawrence Jackofsky and the staff of the Southwest Council Regional Office for their work on behalf of the Biennial;
  5. Rabbi Daniel Freelander, Peter Berg, Stacy Bergman, Joe Bernstein, Terry Bobrow, Jean Bowdish, Deirdre Brett, Loui Dobin, Dennis Eisner, Len Lawrence, Merri Markowitz, Edie Miller, Robin Riback, and the entire UAHC staff, without whom the 64th General Assembly would not have been possible; and
  6. Robin Hirsch, Biennial Director, for her superb leadership and guidance in the planning and implementation of every facet of this 64th UAHC General Assembly and her patience and understanding in addressing the complexities of this undertaking.