In Tribute to Jane Evans

WHEREAS Miss Jane Evans has served the Reform Movement as the Executive Director of the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods for forty-two years; and

WHEREAS during this entire period of nearly half a century Miss Evans has provided faithful, selfless and productive services to our Union and its affiliated organizations; and

WHEREAS so many of our constituents have been the beneficiaries of not only her dedicated service but of her countless kindnesses as well; and

WHEREAS Miss Evans now plans to retire and undertake a richly deserved rest; NOW THEREFORE be it

RESOLVED that the UAHC, its constituent congregations and all of its staff here assembled at the 53rd General Assembly in Dallas, Texas, salute Jane Evans. We wish her many years of good health, joy and fulfillment. Though we take great joy in the opportunities her forthcoming retirement will provide her to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation, we want her to know she will be missed. But she should also know that she has left an indelible mark on our movement which will long keep her in our memory; be it further

RESOLVED that the sincerest sentiments of this Assembly be conveyed to Miss Evans in lasting form so that in the midst of her enjoyment of her new found freedom, she may be forever reminded of our appreciation for her many years of service and our sincere love of her as a person.