UAHC Corporate Responsibility

51st General Assembly
November l97l
Los Angeles, CA

In an America and a world faced with urgent social crises, it is imperative for socially responsible organizations to contribute in every way possible to the enhancement of social justice and human values. In fulfillment of this objective, numerous opportunities exist for the implementation of these concerns through the management of investment portfolios held by the UAHC and other arms of the Reform Jewish movement, its constituent congregations, and individual Reform Jews.

Along with many other religious, civic, and like-minded organizations, the UAHC has opportunities from time to time to insure that the management of the companies in which funds are invested are apprised of our concern that they exercise appropriate social responsibility with respect to the fair treatment of employees, protection of the environment, ecological well-being of the communities in which they operate, advancement of freedom of opportunity for all Americans, and an active concern for the elimination of injustice and environmental deterioration.

We recognize that such social considerations should serve as an important factor in the investment programs of a religious organization, as well as for committed individuals, although strict application of this general principle is difficult and sometimes impossible because there are ofttimes complex positive and negative factors that offset each other.

Therefore, we encourage the appropriate bodies within the UAHC, its congregations and affiliates, to consider social, environmental, and similar aspects as an integral part of the financial considerations involved in investment and banking decisions.

We welcome any information or point of view relating to investment matters, whether from the Commission on Social Action, congregations, rabbis, or individual members of congregations, so that this information will be given thorough consideration by the appropriate officers and committees