UAHC Membership Dues

52nd General Assembly
November 1973
New York, NY

WHEREAS, a number of congregations have submitted resolutions to amend Article X of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; and

WHEREAS, the proposed resolutions include entirely different concepts and make apparent a number of combinations of each; and

WHEREAS, some of the congregations endorsing these resolutions call for definitive action at the 1975 Biennial convention; and

WHEREAS, it is deemed desirable to make an in depth study prior to recommendations and action;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the entire matter of Union membership dues be, and is hereby, referred to a Special Committee for the purpose of study and review and to make recommendations within one (1) year from this date to each of the regions and to the national Board of Trustees; and further

RESOLVED, that this Special Committee shall consist of one member each, appointed by the president of the respective regions, and a number of members equal to this total appointed by the chairman of the Board of Trustees; and two members from each of the respective regions, none of whom shall be officers or trustees of the Union, each to be selected by the constituent congregations in each respective region by a conference called for such purpose; and further

RESOLVED, that following receipt of resolutions from the regions and the Board of Trustees after this Special Committee has made its recommendations, it shall then be the duty of this Special Committee to prepare and submit to each constituent congregation in good standing, at least four (4) months prior to the 1975 Biennial, the resolution the Special Committee proposes to submit to the said Biennial for its action and implementation; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the MUM Committee is hereby instructed by the delegates of this Biennial convention to exercise extreme restraint when considering suspension of any congregation.