The Union on the American Jewish Conference and Zionism

39th Council
March 1946
Cincinnati, OH

"The Union declares that its function is to interpret, maintain and promote Reform Judaism and reaffirms its loyalty to its spiritual purposes.

"The Union, continuing as a member of the American Jewish Conference, declares its sense of fellowship with all Israel and will associate itself with all worthy and practical efforts designed to ameliorate the tragic plight of world Jewry and to assist in reconstructing those communities that have suffered from the ravages of Nazi Tyranny.

"Because in the congregations of the Union there are divergent opinions on the question of Zionism, the Union recognizes the right of each individual to determine his own attitude on this controversial question and therefore the Union refrains from taking any action on the Palestine Resolution adopted by the American Jewish Conference.

"We call upon our congregations and their members to rally loyally to the support of the Union so that its great and noble work may continue to enrich the spiritual life of American Israel."