On United Nations

We record with deep satisfaction and great appreciation the increasing prestige and growing effectiveness of the United Nations as an instrument for the establishment of One World. Though wedded by our historic prophetic traditions to the ideal of peace we support the vigorous action of the United Nations in resisting aggression with force and consider the armed forces of the United Nations in Korea as an international police force, enforcing international law and morality at the command of the United Nations. We trust that Korea will soon be fully liberated and a government reestablished on democratic principles will again rule over its people. We hope that the United Nations will assist in the reconstruction of Korea's devastated areas. We believe that the prompt action of the United Nations in Korea will tend to restrain aggressors in the future and will become a significant milestone in the establishment of permanent peace.

We are proud that an official of United Nations, Ralph Bunche, who successfully labored for truce in Palestine, has been awarded the Nobel prize for peace. We rejoice in the honor which is his, and the recognition of the work of United Nations.