53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations has consistently supported the United Nations. Recent events at the United Nations evoke a sense of horror in every Jewish heart, echoed in the hearts of all men and women who cherish freedom and justice.

The movement to rob Israel of equal standing in the family of nations, starting with UNESCO and other specialized agencies, has shed its mask. Now Zionism-the Jewish assertion of dignity and free nationhood-is being branded as racist.

This vicious poison is being spread not by ignorant individuals but by a vast array of governments that knowingly pervert the objectives of the United Nations and thereby threaten the very existence of the United Nations itself.

These malicious attacks on Israel and Zionism are, in fact, attacks not only on all Jews but on human freedom everywhere.

If the world community witnesses these developments without passionate protest and resistance, it will open the door to chaos and tragedy.

Therefore, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, through the united voice, mind, and heart of its over 700 congregations throughout the length and breadth of the United States and Canada:

  1. Salutes with pride and gratitude the determination of the governments of the United States and Canada not to remain silent even in the face of hostile majorities in the United Nations bodies. The special leadership assumed in this struggle by the United States is a shining example of clear-sighted, principled action;
  2. Expresses its respect for all other governments that have refused to yield to pressure and have opposed this campaign of hatred;
  3. Condemns the actions of all governments that have supported this campaign and urges them to consider once again the true historic meaning of their votes and to change the dangerous course they have taken;
  4. Within its own family calls upon all members of our congregations to join in a concerted action with the entire Jewish community, beginning with demonstrations of prayer and protest on the Day of Affirmation, the Shabbat of November 14, 1975.
  5. Promptly communicates to the United States and Canadian representatives to the United Nations the full content of this resolution; and
  6. Supports the resolution of the United Nations Committee # 3, which establishes the "Decade to End Racial Discrimination," but declares that the insertion into the resolution describing Zionism as racism and a form of racial discrimination subverts the "Decade" and is a vicious libel of Zionism.