Board of Trustees
May l973
New York, NY

Commission On Social Action Of Reform Judaism

Watergate is shocking evidence of the pervasive moral corruption in American life. Therefore, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations resolves to:

  1. Reassert the traditional commitment of the Jew to social justice through renewed action programs at the congregational, regional, and national levels.
  2. Commend the appointment of Archibald Cox as special prosecutor as an individual of proven integrity who will respond solely to the American people;
  3. Commend those news media and their personnel who, despite overt threats by the government to silence them, persisted in their efforts to discover and report the truth to the public.
  4. Call upon the Congress of the United States to adopt and to police stringent legislative curbs on methods of collecting, reporting, and distributing campaign funds, and to consider legislation prohibiting private donations for any elected office, substituting instead a fair and practical method of public financing of all elections.
  5. Urge the leaders of the UAHC to join with other distinguished religious and civic leaders, social scientists, and philosophers to organize a high-level and searching inquiry into the underlying moral condition of American life that goes beyond the immediate political and legal issues of Watergate.