World Health Organization

Board of Trustees
May 1979
New York

An essential instrument in humanity's struggle against the ravages of disease is the cooperation of all countries through the World Health Organization. At present, the Arab states, led by Iraq and Kuwait, have announced they will use their voting strength in WHO to suspend Israel's membership and to remove the organization's regional office from Alexandria. Israel is thus branded a pariah and Egypt is punished for daring to sign a treaty of peace with Israel, all in the name of world health.

This abuse of WHO's crucial mission is intolerable. The United States representative at the annual assembly of WHO, now meeting in Geneva, has served notice that the United States will withdraw from WHO if the assault against Israel and Egypt succeeds.

We salute the president and the secretary of state for taking this strong position of solidarity with Israel.

We reaffirm the warning of our government about the dangerous implications if the World Health Organization, whose purpose is to fight disease, the common enemy of mankind, is distorted into an instrument that turns people against people and nation against nation.

We appeal, similarly to the government of Canada-indeed, to all fair-minded nations-to oppose this distortion of the World Health Organization and the United Nations.