53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas

Whereas millions of people throughout the world continue to face starvation because of population increases, dwindling food reserves, land, water, energy, and fertilizer shortages, and the inequitable distribution of God's resources; and

Whereas the Jewish people, when confronting these tragic situations, have felt God's commanding presence and taught ""Share your bread with the hungry"" (Isaiah 58.7); and

Whereas we, too, feel God's commanding presence in our time and are compelled by our history;

Therefore, we urge that the issue of world hunger be given high priority in our synagogues and their constituencies and Jewish communal institutions and that we

  1. Teach about the world hunger problem and the Jewish response to it and discuss the moral dilemmas involved;
  2. Rally support for those governmental policies that will most effectively cope with them, urge that governmental distribution of food be done on a humanitarian basis, raise funds for the UAHC Hunger Campaign, and distribute the personal pledge of the Commission on Social Action;
  3. Arrange the food and drink aspects of our own social lives-public and private, including any synagogue-related function at which food and/or drink is served-with a moderation that reflects a sensitive concern for the current crisis pertaining to food;
  4. Mandate the administration of the UAHC so that the planning of forthcoming meetings of the Reform movement reflect our concern with and sensitivity to worldwide hunger;
  5. Urge the United States and Canada to use their influence to encourage population planning and give direct help to countries that request such assistance; and
  6. Support programs under international auspices to encourage world population stability.