Zoning Restrictions for House of Worship

45th Council
November 1959
Miami Beach, FL

Whereas, zoning restrictions have been invoked in a number of communities in the United States, to bar the erection of houses of worship and thus to interfere with the freedom of worship of the congregations seeking to erect such house of worship.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations calls upon all zoning authorities to recognize their responsibility, not only in safeguarding the physical nature of their communities, but likewise in maintaining the spiritual foundations upon which American democracy has been established and is maintained, that no ruling or act on their part shall interfere with the right of religious congregations to erect houses of worship or convert buildings for use as houses of worship and to freely carry on within them such activities as are the recognized function of church and synagogue in the American scene and which contribute to the welfare of the American community and its people, and

Be it further resolved that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations authorizes the creation of a national committee to continue and expand on the national scene and to make available to congregations throughout the country, the library of materials dealing with the cases of zoning as applied to religious Congregations, which has been instituted by the New York Federation of Reform Synagogues, at 838 Fifth Avenue, New York City.