URJ Vision & Priorities

The URJ builds community at every level, collaborating and connecting with congregations, organizations, and individuals across North America to advance contemporary and inclusive Jewish life.

The Union for Reform Judaism strives to create a more whole, just, and compassionate world. We motivate people from diverse backgrounds to participate and deepen their engagement in Jewish life; create a more inclusive Jewish community; help congregations stay adept and agile; develop teen and adult leaders to lead transformation for the future; foster meaningful connections to Israel; and agitate for a more progressive society.

Reform Jewish leaders carrying Torahs at the Kotel in Israel

Israel: A Democratic, Pluralistic Jewish State

We believe that a Jewish state must be a democratic state that celebrates the pluralism of Jewish practice and identity. We celebrate the notion of k’lal YisraelK'lal Yisraelכְּלַל יִשְׂרָאֵלThe Jewish community or the whole of Israel; often used to refer to Jewish unity or solidarity. , the unity of the Jewish people. 

woman at protest march wearing hat with pin that says Do Justice Love Mercy March Proudly

Social Justice

To be a Reform Jew is to hear the voice of the prophets in our head; to be engaged in the ongoing work of tikkun olamtikkun olamתִּקּוּן עוֹלָם"Repair of the world;" Jewish concept that it is our responsibility to partner with God to improve the world. A mystical concept of restoration of God's holiest Name to itself and the repair of a shattered world. Often refers to social action and social justice. ; to strive to improve the world in which we live.

Engaging Youth & Families with Young Children

The URJ coordinates a network of youth programs across North America that promote community, spiritual growth, and lifelong friendship, motivating more young Jews to embrace Jewish living as a path to meaning, purpose, and joy.

Strengthening Congregations

The URJ helps build vibrant congregations and strong communities We help congregations stay relevant and innovative, supporting them by helping to make easier to run the congregation and make the changes necessary to expand the way in which people can live Jewishly.

Diverse group of people wearing tallit and talking after Shabbat services

Audacious Hospitality

The URJ stands for a Judaism that is inclusive and reflective of a wide range of identities and, through a focused effort on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work, accepts the responsibility of dismantling oppression both inside and outside of our communities.