Past JewV'Nation Cohorts

Learn About the Four Completed Cohorts of the JewV'Nation Fellowship

2017 Inaugural Cohort

In our pilot cohort, fellows engaged in cutting-edge professional and leadership development seminars and created projects that served a unique population and told a compelling narrative about the vibrancy and gifts in the Jewish community. Each project received a micro-grant of $3,000 to further their work and solidified a solid beginning for our unique fellowship. 

JewV'Nation Inaugural Cohort

2018 Jews of Color Cohort

An estimated 12-15% of Jews in the United States identify as Jew of Color, but due to oppression, our communities don’t always reflect this reality. (To read more about the experiences of Jews of Color in our communities, please review the Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color report by the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative.) This cohort was designed to change that by addressing specific topics related to Jews of Color and to infuse a deeper understanding of antiracism in our Jewish communities. In addition to leadership training and seminars, our 16 fellows engaged in group projects, each with a focus on positively impacting Jews of Color and equipping our communities to better address racism. 

JewVNation Fellows Jews of Color Cohort

2018-2019 LGBTQIA+ Cohort

An estimated 10% of North American Jews identify as LGBTQ+, but they have long been the target of discrimination, within both the Jewish community and in the world at large. In this cohort, 13 LGBTQIA+ Jewish leaders piloted and developed critical resources, trainings, and initiatives leading to more understanding around heteronormativity and queer inclusion in Jewish spaces.

JewV'Nation Fellows LGBTQIA+ Cohort

2019-2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Cohort

DEI is at the core of everything we do within Audacious Hospitality, and this cohort was designed to live out these integral values. Like past cohorts, 7 fellows engaged in seminars focusing on identity enrichment, professional development, Jewish learning, mentorship, equity and inclusion training, and other key topics. These fellows helped to pilot our first ever DEI Working Group Model and Congregational Assessment, develop resources and also worked directly with numerous clergy, lay leaders and camp leaders to implement organizational initiatives focused on making our communities more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

JewV'Nation Fellows DEI Cohort