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Reimagining Financial Support for Your 21st Century Congregation
Reimagining Financial Support
Finding the Sacred in the Mundane

Every synagogue community requires financial support to operate, but we work hard so that our congregational communities are about much more than a monetary transaction. Increasingly, synagogue leaders are exploring the connection between financial support and member engagement and rethinking their financial structures as they strive to strengthen their members' involvement. Making relationships central to this equation refocuses our priorities on people, and how they relate to each other, the congregation, and our financial obligation.

Participating congregations learn about, experiment with and create innovative, relational-based dues, fees and philanthropic models of finance that can increase both congregational funding and membership engagement.

Registration is now closed for the current cycle of this CoP.

For more information or for any questions, contact Rabbi Esther Lederman at (212) 452-6577 or ELederman@urj.org