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Engaging Families with Young Children
Engaging Families with Young Children

Parents are under enormous social, emotional, and work-related pressures that leave them constantly renegotiating relationships and wondering if they are “doing it right.” They need support and validation as they begin to grapple with the rituals and patterns that will define the future of their families. The URJ is deeply committed to expanding and enhancing Jewish engagement for families with young children throughout North America. We believe that the continued vitality and strength of the Jewish community hinges on providing successful experiences for families with young children. It is our experience that every synagogue has the capacity to engage parents of very young children, regardless of whether or not it has a preschool or early childhood center (ECC).

The URJ is passionate about engaging families with young children and takes pride in responding to the latest research in the field. We have a keen, deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in working with families with young children, based on years of experience interacting with synagogues, JCCs, and other communities who specialize in early childhood.

Being a part of the largest network of congregations in North America enables us to use their excellent "on the ground" day-to-day work to form best principles that we can share with the whole URJ community. Our communities of practice provide our congregations with numerous opportunities to experiment and implement with us on a local, regional and national level. The Project Excellence for Early Childhood Congregational Education assessment tool will be released in winter 2019, providing congregations with guidelines for exceptional educational practice in Jewish early childhood education.

Engaging Families with Young ChildrenDownload Engaging Families with Young Children:
A Report from the 2013-2014 Communities of Practice.



Download Rose Community Foundation: Standards of Excellence

Chicago Early Engagement Leadership Initiative

A pilot program focused on early childhood centers in the Chicago Jewish community

Cohorts on Early Childhood and Youth Education

For congregations that are interested in making full-time youth and early education a priority.

Building Jewish ECE

In the first program of its kind in the nation, nine Denver and Boulder Jewish community centers and synagogues with early childhood centers receive marketing and family engagement training.

PJ Library-URJ-WRJ Partnership

The URJ and Women of Reform Judaism have partnered with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to provide PJ Library subscriptions through congregations in select areas across the country.