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Had'rachah Seminar for Lay Leadership in Ritual Life

Upcoming Opportunities

Registration is now closed for the 2019 URJ Had'rachah Seminar for Lay Leadership in Ritual Life. To receive updates about our 2020 program, fill out our expression of interest form.

The dates for our 2019 program are:

  • April 11, 8pm ET - Learning session #1: Leading Between the Lines: Our Role Leading Worship
  • May 14, 8pm ET - Learning session #2: Beyond the Officiant: Our Role in Lifecycle Moments
  • June 19-23 - The 2019 URJ Had'rachah Seminar, URJ Kutz Camp, Warwick, NY

Participants in the seminar will be expected to attend the two online learning sessions.

About the Seminar

The URJ Had’rachah Seminar is open only to lay leaders from small congregations (no more than 250 member units) that have no more than one full-time clergy member. The URJ Had’rachah Seminar teaches participants a variety of skills to help them lead communal worship, lifecycle events, and educational opportunities in support of or in place of clergy. Our faculty is composed of rabbis, cantors, and Jewish educators. Participants will learn from them, from URJ staff, and from each other.

Engagement of participants doesn't begin or end at the seminar. Prior to the seminar, there will be two required live online learning sessions that will build the foundation for the in-person learning at the seminar. Following the seminar, additional learning opportunities will be made available: Participants will sustain relationships and support one another through virtual meetings, sharing of ideas and resources, and discussions in The Tent, the URJ's interactive platform.

Financial assistance for attending the URJ Had'rachah Seminar is provided through URJ Small Congregations Grants, which assists members of congregations with 250 or fewer households who wish to attend URJ programs.

For more information, contact Rabbi David Fine at (212) 452-6724 or DFine@urj.org.