Shallat Rabbinic Transition Seminar

Online December 6, 2022 - December 8, 2022
Online December 6, 2022 - December 8, 2022


For over a decade, the URJ Shallat Rabbinic Transition Seminar has engaged congregations in their first year of welcoming a new senior or solo rabbi.  Now offered online for greater accessibility, the rabbi and president (or another senior lay leader) spend three half-days engaging with dynamic programming and leaders from across North America. Through shared learning, participants plan a successful conclusion to the integration of their new rabbi into the congregational community and acquire the tools and skills to lead their congregation through future congregational change initiatives. 

What are the goals of this seminar?

Participants in the URJ Shallat Seminar will:

  • Acquire tools and skills to develop a culture of sacred partnerships and collaboration throughout the entire congregation
  • Establish a network of support with other leaders across North America with whom they can learn and reflect about the integration of a new settled rabbi
  • Successfully conclude the integration of the rabbi into the congregation and feel empowered to lead their congregation through future congregational change

Who will benefit from this seminar? 

For a congregation to sign up, the current or incoming president or another senior lay leader and the new senior/solo rabbi are required to participate.  Your entire congregational community will benefit from this concentrated focus on transition management and fostering sacred partnerships.

What are the logistics?

The format of this program includes three half-day online learning sessions. Participants will also be expected to complete assignments at their congregation at their own time. Suggested pre-reading shared ahead of the seminar will facilitate engagement in the sessions.

Thanks to the generosity of the Shallat family, this program is offered to URJ member congregations for only $180. A generous $90 stipend is offered to congregations of fewer than 300 families. 


For more information about rabbinic transition and to find out if your congregation is eligible to attend the Shallat Program Seminar, contact Rabbi Janet Offel at or Rabbi Paula Winnig

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