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Engaging Families with Young Children
Youth Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) convene cohorts of congregational leaders for long-term, innovative learning from experts, including opportunities to ask big questions, and share ideas and best principles. The curriculum includes face-to-face and virtual gatherings, e-learning, and coaching from URJ staff.

Using lessons learned, participants design and implement experiments for their own congregations through which they learn to take risks, benefit from successes and challenges, and evaluate and share their results. The experiments’ outcomes are intended serve as a catalyst to help congregations transform into welcoming communities of meaning and purpose, as well as expand the knowledge base of the field and the Reform Movement.

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B'nai Mitzvah Revolution

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Innovators Lab

Building a Brand with your Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Engagement

Building a Brand: Excellence in Reform Movement Early Childhood Engagement

Creating Connected Communities

Engaging Families with Young Children

This community of practice is bringing together congregations without early childhood centers.

Chicago Early Engagement Leadership Initiative

A pilot program focused on early childhood centers in the Chicago Jewish community

Concluded Communities of Practice

URJ Communities

Learn about the Communities of Practice that have now concluded.

Building Jewish ECE

In the first program of its kind in the nation, nine Denver and Boulder Jewish community centers and synagogues with early childhood centers receive marketing and family engagement training.