What do CLASP Fellows Do?


Participate in In-person and Virtual Networking

CLASP Fellows participate a variety of professional development experiences including:

Cohort Engagement: You will explore camp inspired strategies for youth engagement, learn valuable skills for your synagogue work, and build a network of peers and colleagues to support you throughout the year. As part of this learning, you will receive regular communication that shares innovative program and engagement ideas from your colleagues, further opportunities from professional development, and key information about URJ programming available to your community.

On-going mentoring from Camp Professionals: Your camp leadership will work with you throughout the academic year to both prepare you for your summer position and support you in utilizing camp-style strategies engaging the children, teens, and families in your congregation.

Supervision from a Synagogue Professional: At your synagogue position you will have an on-site supervisor who will work with you to understand your community, create programming and approach, and assess impact.

Strengthen Jewish youth engagement in Reform Congregations

During the academic year CLASP Fellows work in Reform Jewish synagogues building relationships with families and kids, imagining new and innovative approaches to youth engagement, and celebrating year-round Jewish life.

While positions vary congregation to congregation, CLASP Fellows use a variety of strategies to bring the magic of a camp-inspired approach to the congregation, and the children from the congregation with them to camp.

Work in congregations may include activities such as:

  • Partnering with synagogue leadership to envision youth engagement strategies
  • Implementing high school, junior high, or elementary school social and informal programming
  • Running family education programs
  • Working in partnership with teen leadership
  • Teaching post b’nei mitzvah classes
  • Coordinating the post b’nei mitzvah program
  • Engaging early childhood and young families
  • Contacting families interested in summer camp
  • Creating new camp inspired programming
  • Running or staffing retreats and kallot
  • Overseeing Madrichim/School Aide programs
  • Leading Shabbat family services
  • Planning and implementing holiday programming

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Engage Youth in URJ Camps Across the Country

CLASP Fellows spend their summer months working full time at a URJ Summer camp.  Here they enjoy all of the magic of camp – time outdoors, being part of a close-knit community, Jewish living and celebration, and helping kids create friendships that last a lifetime.

At camp, CLASP Fellows fill a variety of roles based on their past experience and interests.

These positions have included:

  • Unit Head
  • Jewish Life Programmer
  • Head of Jewish Life
  • Head Songleader
  • Assistant Summer Program Director

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Gain valuable experience and Skills

The CLASP Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to gain experience both at camp and in a congregational setting.  Participants will hone both soft and hard skills including:

  • Organization and project planning
  • Budgeting
  • Jewish leadership
  • Creative programming
  • Teamwork
  • Health and Safety oversight
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict Resolution

CLASP Fellows continue their professional journey in a variety of ways including:

  • Entering camp, synagogue and youth program senior positions
  • Continue their education in graduate programs focused on Jewish non-profit work
  • Using their skills in a variety of businesses including customer service, human resources, and management