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MO-IL Community

Serving Congregations in Illinois (not Chicago), Eastern Missouri

The C-2 Community encompass the Heartland of Illinois and most of Missouri. If you add the abbreviations together of Missouri and Illinois, you come up with the name of our Community: MO-IL. (We had to do it!) Our Community includes 17 Congregations ranging in size from 4 to 1715 members. We are diverse in numbers, but not in spirit. The distance between Congregations has made it difficult to connect face to face; technology has helped solve some of our communication problems. Here are some interesting facts about our Community: Our Community includes both the state Capitals of Illinois and Missouri. Within our boundaries are over 17 universities and colleges. Several of the Congregations have been in existence over 150 years. The extent of our Community has created one area of discourse that cannot be resolved – No Rabbinic intervention will help. – Is it the Cubs or the Cards?

Community Chair

Paul Beiersdorf

Congregation Anshai Emeth
Peoria, IL
Community Vice Chair

Paul Weichsel

Sinai Temple
Champaign, IL
MO-IL Community