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Questions? Ask the Knowledge Network

Do you have a question about the sacred work of managing your congregation? 
Call the Knowledge Network's toll-free number 1.855.URJ.1800 
or email for expert advice.

For all other inquiries, please use the online form.



ARZA - The Reform Israel Fund

212.650.4280 Visit the ARZA website

Canadian Council for Reform Judaism (CCRJ)

Sandi Pelly 416.630.0375 Visit the CCRJ website


Conferences & Events

Event Registration


Hotel Representatives

Elizabeth Grumbacher 212.452.6797



Director of Philanthropy

Amy Bebchick 212.650.4235




Accounts Receivable

All Other Finance Inquiries



Human Resources


Information Technology (IT) Help Desk 212.650.4030

Introduction to Judaism & Taste of Judaism Classes

Rabbi Julie Zupan

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC)

202.387.2800 Visit the RAC website

RJ Web-Builder Help Desk



Executive Team

Vice President, Strengthening Congregations

Amy Asin 212-452-6789

Vice President of URJ Camps, NFTY, and Immersives

Ruben Arquilevich707.571.7657


Rabbi Rick Jacobs212.650.4150

Executive Vice President

Julie Lerner 212.650.4151

Chief Information Officer

Yonatan Meir 212.650.4033

Chief Program Officer

Mark Pelavin 212.650.4220

Senior Vice President & Director, Religious Action Center

Rabbi Jonah Pesner 202.387.2800

Chief Financial Officer

Emily Sachs 212.650.4000

Vice President of Philanthropy

Riva Silverman 212.650.4167

Vice President for Israel and Reform Zionism

Rabbi Josh Weinberg 212.650.4284



Strengthening Congregations

Knowledge Network Team


The Tent

URJ Knowledge Network team 1.855.URJ.1800

Worship & Music

Cantor Rosalie Boxt 212.452.6779

Congregational Innovation

Rabbi Esther Lederman 212.452.6577 

Leadership Development

Lisa Lieberman Barzilai 212.650.4081

Consulting & Transition Management

Rabbi Janet Offel    Rabbi David Fine 213.258.3464      212.452.6724

Small Congregations

Merry Lugasy 212.452.6742

Large Congregations

Ruth Cohen  212.452.6518

Board Workshop Facilitation

Gila Hadani Ward 212.650.4266

Families with Young Children

Cathy Rolland  212.650.4111

Joining the URJ

Rabbi Paula Feldstein  212.452.6544



For a directory of programs, visit
To find your regional camp or NFTY program, search the URJ Congregational Directory.


NFTY – The Reform Jewish Youth Movement

212.650.4070 Visit the NFTY website

URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE)

212.650.4095 Visit the Heller High website