Transcontinental Music Publications Catalog An Easy Guide to Jewish Choral Holiday Music

A catalog designed specifically to help choral directors identify appropriate Jewish holiday music has just been released by Transcontinental Music Publications, the world's largest publisher of Jewish choral music. The spring choral catalog features holiday music, songs of remembrance, and new arrangements of old favorites that will enrich the performances of choirs of all sizes.

"We've designed this catalog so that the largest number of people can find out about the best music we offer for the spring holidays," said J. Mark Dunn, Transcontinental Music's senior editor. "Those who are not experts in Jewish music will easily be able to use it to select from hundreds of relevant arrangements."

Some of the top composers and arrangers in the world of Jewish music have contributed selections to the catalog, including Michael Isaacson, Yehezkel Braun, and Jack Gottlieb. Fragments of their compositions are excerpted and shown in the catalog itself to help choral directors unfamiliar with the body of Jewish music.

Focusing on music that celebrates the spring season's four Jewish holidays, the catalog includes four pieces suitable for Purim, a joyous festival marking the Jews' deliverance from a Persian king; 13 for Passover, which marks the Jews' redemption from Egyptian slavery; 27 for Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day; and 56 for Israeli Independence Day.

The new spring catalog represents only a sampling of Transcontinental Music's full catalog, which contains more than 1,300 selections. This full catalog can be visited on the World Wide Web at