Conservation and Development of Natural Resources

48th General Assembly
November 1965
San Francisco, CA

"The earth is full of the fruit of Thy works....In wisdom has Thou made them all," declared the Psalmist. But America, in thoughtlessly abusing its natural resources has disregarded the Biblical injunction to conserve God's creation for the good of all. Water and air pollution are all too common in areas of major population concentration. Our forests have been neglected and we have not reseeded fast enough to keep up with anticipated needs. Our clean, fresh water supplies and mineral resources are being exhausted by industrial and population growth.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 48th General Assembly of the UAHC call upon government to extend its leadership in conserving and developing America's natural resources. Development of nuclear power sources, improved irrigation, flood control, desalination and increased water power, tapping new natural resources while preserving the old, are all part of the vision for a better society.