The plight of the Falasha Jews is deplorable. They suffer deprivation, hunger, and disease and are at the mercy of bands of terrorists. They have not been permitted to fulfill their dreams of aliyah.

As Jews who have spoken out on behalf of our homeless and endangered brothers and sisters elsewhere, we feel impelled to voice our deep concern that our fellow Jews may not be able to exercise their aspirations for aliyah and their rights under the Law of Return. To accomplish this exodus toward freedom, we issue the following appeals-

To the American and Canadian governments: to use their good offices and commitments to human rights everywhere so that the plight of the Falasha Jews can be overcome. This would involve urgent diplomatic intervention by appropriate agencies in the United States, Ethiopia, and among African states.

To the government of Ethiopia: to abide by the recognized principles of international conduct according to which inhabitants of countries are permitted to leave. We appeal to the authorities to permit the Falashas to seek migration to the ancestral land of the Jewish people and in most instances to rejoin their families there.

To the government of Israel and the Jewish agencies: to continue their devotion to the sacred principles of the Law of Return, which has consistently characterized the State of Israel; to raise the issue of the Falashas in public and diplomatic channels with a sense of urgency in the consistently courageous manner of speaking out openly on behalf of all Jews and all Jewries; to send out a clear signal of concern and compassion to the Falashas, who look to Israel as their source of hope.

To the American Jewish community: to continue to express its unremitting commitment and to concern for the plight of its Falasha brothers and sisters.

We urge a vigorous campaign to rescue the Falashas in their totality and to bring them home to Israel.