Federal Aid to Education

America's system of public education is not fulfilling either the needs of individuals or of the nation as a whole. There are gross inequities in the quality of education in different sections of the country. Inadequate school facilities, understaffed and underpaid school personnel and outmoded curricula and materials threaten deleterious consequences for our society.

In keeping with our Jewish tradition, which declares study to be a divine command, we maintain that education is not only a personal or a local, but a national problem. Throughout American history there have been programs of federal aid to public education in varying forms and growing amounts. Because public education is essential to the preservation of democracy, we support the enactment of legislation offering more extensive federal assistance.

In consonance with previous resolutions, we reaffirm our opposition to any form of governmental aid to elementary and secondary schools under the supervision or control of any religious denomination or sect—Catholic, Protestant or Jewish.