Houston, We Have No Problems!


The high-flying mission of the Union for Reform Judaism’s 68th General Assembly would not have been possible without the unstinting and tireless efforts of so many. From lift-off to touch down, we declare the mission a complete success.


Offer its collective heartfelt gratitude to:

  1. Mission Commanders Jane Rips, Biennial Program chair, and Jay Geller, Biennial vice-chair, and the members of the Biennial Program Committee for developing the informative, challenging and stimulating Biennial program;
  1. Ground Control Team Janis Block, Steven Block, Barbara Brookner, and Mark Brookner, Local Arrangements co-chairs, and the entire Local Arrangements Committee;
  1. Base Commanders the Houston Host Congregations for their courtesy, efficiency and always-friendly assistance;
  1. Mission Control Staff Rabbi Lawrence Jackofsky and the Union’s Southwest regional office staff for their work on behalf of the Biennial; and
  1. Mission Directors Rabbi Elliot Kleinman, director of program for this Biennial, and Robin Hirsch, director of Meetings and Conventions; and the entire Union staff, without whom the 68th General Assembly would not have been possible.