HUC-JIR Centennial

WHEREAS over 100 years ago, when the UAHC was founded, it set as its first priority the establishment of a "Hebrew" seminary, and

WHEREAS this goal was achieved just two years later in 1875 with the opening of the Hebrew Union College; and

WHEREAS for 100 years HUC, later joined by the Jewish Institute of Religion, has far exceeded the lofty expectations of those men of vision who founded these institutions. It has provided a stream of graduates whose scholarly efforts have become an indispensable element in the shaping of American Jewry. Our rabbis have served and continue to serve their congregations with devotion, pouring out their hearts and spirits in the endeavor to raise our community's intellectual level and to provide it with effective leadership; and

WHEREAS we acknowledge our indebtedness to the HUC-JIR and recognize the manifold contributions it has made toward the advancement of our mutual sacred cause; therefore be it

RESOLVED that this UAHC 53rd General Assembly congratulates the HUC-JIR on the observance of its Centennial; be it further

RESOLVED that we dedicate ourselves to continue to work together with the HUC-JIR in that spirit of unity which marks our relationship and that hand in hand, as partners, we both start our second century with strength and purpose.