Jewish Defense Organizations

"The Union of American Hebrew Congregations has been happy to have here as its guests the representatives of the various Jewish defense organizations. We express to them to their organizations and to the American Jewish community our deep regret that the objectives envisaged at Pittsburgh in 1938 have not been realized, and our tragic disappointment at the present situation. With all the force at our command, in the name of Judaism and of the Jewish ideal of unity, we call upon all these agencies to join together in another effort to constitute a national body for defense to represent the interests of American Jewry, to include lay and religious bodies.

It is our opinion that the need for this course of action is most pressing. This Council therefore calls upon its President to appoint a committee of three to act together with a similar committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, to take every possible step as promptly and as energetically as possible, to achieve these objectives."