Jews in Arab Lands


"By the waters of Babylon, there we sat and wept...." Those waters of ancient Babylon are the rivers of Iraq today. Today by these same rivers in Iraq and neighboring Syria, our Jewish brethren still sit and weep.

WHEREAS we are deeply concerned about the plight of our brethren in Arab lands; and

WHEREAS we are aware that Jews are forbidden to leave Syria and Iraq and thus become prisoners in their native countries; and

WHEREAS this group of persecuted fellow-Jews has received little recognition in the shadow of larger and more widely noted oppressed Jewish communities; and

WHEREAS past and recent reports reiterate ghetto roll calls, harassment, imprisonment, torture, and continuing executions of our brethren with the very real threat of genocide of Jews in Syria and Iraq;


Establish a task force under the aegis of the Commission on Social Action that would:

  1. Provide leadership to stimulate ongoing interest and concern.
  2. Enlist the active support of our congregations and work with other interested groups operating in this field.
  3. Suggest appropriate action to each Social Action Committee and congregation throughout the UAHC.
  4. Disseminate facts and information regarding the plight of our brethren in Arab countries.
  5. Suggest the most immediate and appropriate action to:
    1. forestall possible genocide and
    2. free the Jews remaining in Arab lands—"by the waters of Babylon...."