OSRUI Land Swap

Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute ("OSRUI") was originally purchased in 1952. Today, it occupies approximately 220 acres made up of numerous parcels in Oconomowoc, Waukesha and Jefferson Counties in Wisconsin. About 1984, the State of Wisconsin began planning to build a highway bypass around Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (the site of OSRUI) to connect State Highway 16 on either side of town. This required that the State use some of the camp’s existing land to build the bypass.

Through numerous discussions with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT), the proposed bypass was redrawn through one specific parcel of OSRUI known as the Haertel parcel. This piece of land is not used by the camp.

As part of these discussions, the State informed OSRUI that it would take this land for the construction of the Highway 16 bypass either by negotiation of a sale at rates consistent with other land being purchased for the bypass or by eminent domain. OSRUI recommends that the Union accept approximately $37,000 for the sale of this parcel to WDOT.

In order to reduce the impact of land loss to OSRUI, WDOT has offered to exchange the OSRUI property needed for the bypass for other land. This new property is on the western edge of OSRUI and will cost approximately $29,000 resulting in a net gain of $8,000. This exchange is being proposed to secure the western boundary of OSRUI (rounding out the parcels owned by the Union and occupied by the Camp).

The mechanism of a sale and simultaneous purchase is being used because the State of Wisconsin no longer engages in the swap of land.

Therefore, the following resolution is proposed to the Executive Committee:

The appropriate officer of the Union is authorized to execute on behalf of the Union all documents necessary to bring the above approved transaction to closure on the terms stated.